[Video] Shoes with GPS for people with Alzheimer's

Blindly following the indications of a GPS is not always smart, as it can happen to you like a woman who ended up driving more than 1,000 km when heading to the train station to pick up a friend. However, despite the inconveniences, GPS is very much more effective to reach a site than our mind map.

Especially in the case of people suffering from Alzheimer's.

For them precisely GTX Corp shoes have been patented that will have GPS and are already on sale in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The shoes GPS Aetrex Navistar they will be made under the license of the shoe manufacturer Aetrex Worldwide, Inc., and will be distributed by Toes Tipp, a distributor based in Ireland.

You can read here about the origin of the first "gps", which was much more rudimentary than the current.