Being a little drunk could improve your creativity

Drinking alcohol in non-recommended doses causes us to be clumsy, both in our thoughts and in our movements, but ingested in moderate doses could refine our creativity To solve problems.

This is what Jennifer Wiley and her colleagues at the University of Illinois suggest, who have also published a study in the latest issue of the journal Consciousness and Cognition based on two experiments that point to the same conclusion: that slightly drunk people (with 0.8 percent blood alcohol) detect with the same level of success as the sober variations in two versions of a film almost identical in which there was only a small change, but that those who had drunk responded much faster.

According Jennifer Wiley, professor of psychology at the University of Illinois:

This happens when people are barely drunk, not when they drink to the extreme. The results show no sign that excessive consumption may have the same effects. (…) We test what happens when people are a little dizzy, not when they drink to the extreme. There is no argument in these results that excessive drinking can have the same effects.

The experiment was conducted in 80 people, where half drank alcohol and the other half did not. The test was that they should watch the movie Ratatouille then do a word association test. However, the sample size is not very representative.