Chimpanzees are observed in real time teaching themselves how to use tools

For the first time, and in real time, it has been observed how they learn a new natural behavior Chimpanzees within a wild community. The finding was made possible by researchers from the universities of Saint Andrews (Scotland), Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Anglia Ruskin (United Kingdom) and Quebec (Canada). The study has been published in the magazine PLoS Biology.

In particular, the observations focused on the propagation of two novel behaviors of Tools use among the community of chimpanzees Sonso, who live in the Budongo forest of Uganda. Thus, it was possible to record how chimpanzees used sponges made of leaves for drinking, from which two variants were derived: a moss sponge and a reused leaf sponge. In the video that heads the post you can see them in action.

Video: Jane - Chimps Using Tools (February 2020).