The strange experiment of the smell of rose and how it improved the memory of certain people

A researcher from the University of Lübeck, in Germany, called Jan Born, published a study in the prestigious journal Science in 2007 whose conclusions were, at least, shocking.

In essence, what I came to say is that the smell of pink had improved the memory of a group of volunteers. Although there was a certain trick, because the smell was linked to the objects that should be remembered.

In the experiment, Born placed several postcards on the table of his laboratory, perfuming the air with a slight smell of pink. The volunteers were entering the room sequentially and trying to memorize the situation of the postcards. Then they had to spend a night sleeping in the laboratory. There the volunteers were divided into two groups.

When the first group entered the deep sleep phase, Born passed the smell of pink near their noses. In the second group, however, they did not sleep without any special smell in the air.

The next day, both groups of volunteers had to remember the situation of all the postcards. Born's hypothesis was that the smell of the night would remind the postcards, while they slept, which the next day the brain would improve its performance in the memory test. And that was what strangely happened.
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