The secret plan of the founder of Tesla to reduce traffic jams in the city

In 2002, Elon musk He founded SpaceX, which is the first private space company that has put a rocket into orbit. PayPal It was Musk's company that was committed to the development of electronic commerce. Musk is also responsible for Tesla Motors. With Tesla It is intended to revolutionize the automobile industry just as mechanical looms revolutionized the textile industry. Musk is also behind the Hyperloop tests, a transport system that could be revolutionary and that would consist of a capsule system that could travel at speeds exceeding 1200 km / h.

And now, Musk says he also has a plar to revolutionize urban transport and repair the traffic jams that occur every day in big cities.

His plan is still secret, but he has already said that it is a new autonomous transport that is not exactly a bus. In addition, this public transport would not circulate through different established stops, but would transport the user to the exact place he wanted.

If Tesla succeeds, he will succeed again with another of his companies that, on the plane, always seem like science fiction. Further, traffic congestion is one of the great blunders of today in dense cities (While the biggest traffic jams in history were probably starred in a time when we were all traveling on horseback or in carriages)