Are fossil trials a challenge to faith?

Just like him heliocentrism or the Darwinism they demanded that many religions had to readjust themselves to a new state of things, also the fossil and geological tests that contradict the claims of some sacred books are indigestible for those who believe on foot together and without the ability to self-correct everything that is poured there.

For this reason, in the face of these new discoveries, the most elementary logical traps have been used. From the devil he is confusing you on purpose until faith is such precisely when it is kept against facts that invalidate it.

In this same line a biologist called Philip Gosse when he realized that the world's chronology offering fossil and geological evidence has little or nothing to do with biblical chronology.

So in 1857, this famous biologist and member of the Royal Society who, at the same time, was also a fundamentalist Christian, wrote a book that tried to reconcile both data. By brute force. It was Omphalos (Greek term meaning "belly button"). If you don't believe me, read what he wrote:

that God hid the fossils in the rocks in order to tempt geologists to be unfaithful.

An argument that was uttered in 1857, yes, but that today is not far from the one uttered by many others, type: "faith is to believe the impossible" or "such discovery is a trap of the Devil."

But Gosse's argument, to be someone who belonged to the Royal Society, was quite laughable even for the time, as a friend of Gosse's father wrote well, Charles Kingsley, priest and author of The WaterBabies:

I can't ... believe that God has written on the rocks a huge and superfluous lie for all mankind.

Two years later, Charles Darwin published The origin of species. Currently, there are still those who consider Darwinism a theory that is at the same level as creationism.

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