If you are a Nikola Tesla fan you must have this PDF that collects all your patents

Although he patented more than 600 inventions, the great Nicholas Tesla He died poorly in the New Yorker hotel in Manhattan, basically because he never had a commercial vision and his candor allowed other inventors to sign his ideas with his name.

But, whether you're a Tesla fan, or if you want to explore everything he got to patent, in Ancient Code has compiled all this material in a single free download PDF that has 500 pages. You can download it here.

The anonymous inventor

The way we use electricity today is thanks in large part to Nikola Tesla. Impeller of the AC system, father of the coil that bears his name. He built only his first invention with eight years: a motor driven by insects and a windmill with smooth blades.

However, it has not gone down in history as it deserved. Before the first flight of the brothers Wright, Tesla registered in the patent office an “Apparatus for air transport”. He invented the radio, although that title was recognized posthumously, because Guglielmo Marconi He stole the idea.

In addition, he had so many extravagant psychological traits that his life would be very good on the screen if a director of weight knew how to transfer it conveniently: he was misogynist, asexual and was disturbed by sunlight and noise.

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