The oldest salary in the world was cashed in beer

Roman soldiers guarding the Via Salaria route received part of their payment in salt. This part was called "salarium argentum" (salt aggregate). From there comes the word "salary".

However, do not salt the first thing that was used to pay a salary or salary. The first was the beer.


About 5000 years ago, people living in the city of Uruk, in modern Iraq, wrote in a language called cuneiform, one of the oldest forms of written expression.

On an excavated tablet in the area we can see a human head eating from a bowl, which means "ration," and a conical container, which means "beer." Scattered around are scratches that record the amount of beer for a particular worker. It is the oldest known pay sheet in the world, which implies that the concept of worker and employer was familiar five millennia ago.

Video: [email protected]: William Knoedelseder (February 2020).