Mass production of human tissues can come with this new 3D printer

The mass production of human tissues such as skin, cartilage and liver, it could be around the corner thanks to the development of a new 3D printer by researchers and engineers from Chinese universities, companies and hospitals and is headed by Hangzhou Regenovo Biotechnology.

Biological printer

With a size of 1.6 meters long by one wide and 1.9 high, the printer has several nozzles, You can print more types of biological materials in a given period than other devices. It also has an infrared laser scanning head with micrometric precision that can control the quality of the internal structure of the products during printing

As the president of the company explains, Xu Ming'en:

The mass production of medical material, together with the quality and safety of printed products, are two requirements for the clinical use of 3D printing.

Some parts of the printer can regulate their temperatures independently between 20 degrees below zero and 260 to help preserve cell function and viability. This new finding, then, will contribute to the clinical use of artificial tissues and organs, which can also be used to test new medications.