This well in China is so deep that it crosses Cretaceous strata

The well is located in the Songliao Basin, one of the largest continental sedimentary basins in the world. And it's so deep that, for the first time, has penetrated a continental layer of strata from the Cretaceous period of the Earth.

Located in the basin that has the most important reserves of oil and natural gas in China, the well is specifically 7,018 meters.

Perforated for scientific purposes

The Songke 2 project, in Anda, Heilongjiang Province, began in April 2014, led by the Geological Survey of China in cooperation with some 20 organizations. The May 26.

The purpose of this deep drilling is, above all, scientific. As the Secretary General of the International Geological Sciences Union explains, Cheng Qiuming:


The success of the project will provide key technologies and equipment for exploration and experimental research in the depths of the Earth. It will also open a new space for prospecting clean energy in the Songliao Basin.

However, although the drilling project has managed to be the first well in the world that crosses the continental strata of the Cretaceous period, it is not the deepest well in the world.

This record has a hole of 11 kilometers, in the Kola Peninsula, Russia. Specifically, reached a depth of 12,262 meters in 1989. The drilling of Kola penetrates through a third of the Baltic continental crust, whose thickness is estimated at 35 kilometers, exposing to the light 2700 million years old rocks in the background.


Although they are great depths, it is really as if we had only pierced the thin outer skin of an apple. For example, the intermediate zone of the Earth's mantle It is 410 to 660 kilometers below the surface; a particularly interesting area because it could contain as much water as the planet's oceans, according to a study published in Science Advances by researchers affiliated with several institutions in Japan and Germany.

In that sense, the interior of our planet is as inhospitable as outer space. Bill bryson he expresses it this way in his brief history of almost everything:

It has been calculated that if you opened a well that reached the center of the Earth and dropped a brick through it, it would only take 45 minutes to reach the bottom. (…) If the Earth were an apple, we still would not have crossed all the skin.

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